Demonstration Farms

From this location on the web site, our goal is to provide links to demonstration farms at homes and other small, local sites all over the United States.

If you have demonstration projects you would like to see featured on this site please email us at

To get the ball rolling, we’ll provide links to some wonderful projects happening in New Mexico:

Zoe Wilcox & Bard Edrington's Son, young Bard, at Mother Nature Gardens


This demonstration project in the heart of Albuquerque was created by Zoe Wilcox and Bard Edrington. They say: “Although we always imagined our farm on 10 acres in the country, we took all our experience and knowledge and applied it to what we could afford at the time: 0.18 acres in the heart of the city. We work according to the seasons, plant and rest according to the moon, and care for our plants, trees, chickens, and bees. In short, we do all the things farmers do, but we can also walk a block to the nearest bus stop or a few blocks to the grocery store.” Mother Nature Gardens offers classes and tours. For information, or to schedule a visit, please go to, call 505-242-4803, or email


Garden’s Edge was formed by a group of farmers and social activists concerned about environmental degradation, disappearing small-scale farmlands, and other related issues. The organization works in New Mexico and Guatemala. For information visit, call Sarah Montgomery at 505-948-8398, or email


A group of friends in Santa Fe, New Mexico have started a large food-producing garden in the back of a 1/2 acre private residence. Their goal is to create a new model for community gardening. The garden is not divided into a limited number of plots but tended as a whole by a collective. The focus is on learning efficient, organic growing techniques, promoting community, and inspiring children to learn and take care of nature. For information please visit or call Poki at 505-796-6006.


This three-year collaborative project between Dragon Farm at South Valley Academy in Albuquerque and several schools and organizations was funded by a USDA Community Food Projects grant. Some of the goals are to build youth capacity and motivation, improve the food environment in their schools and neighborhoods through civic engagement, and focus on food equity and community health. In its first year the project reached out to over 500 kids and engaged students not only in growing produce, but in selling it at the Downtown Growers’ market in Albuquerque. For information visit, email, or call Richard Brandt at 505-363-3776.


The owners of Sunstone Farm and Learning Center say: “We are a woman-owned and operated diversified farmstead and herbal product business. In the fall of 2007, we moved our farm from the Catskills of New York to the rural South Valley of Albuquerque. Our goats, chickens, dogs and cats are all enjoying our new home, and especially the sunny, dry weather. We are excited about recreating our beautiful herb gardens in our new home.” Sunstone Farm and Learning Center offers classes and tours, and sells a variety of products. For information visit: or call 888-737-6535.

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