Welcome to the Home Farming Revolution!

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Whether you are already growing food at home or not, you’ve come to the right place. The home farming revolution is sweeping the world. Many people believe it’s time for us to return to growing some or all of our own food if we want to keep eating healthy food into the future.

Whether you are interested in “backyard farming” or “edible gardening” or “home farming” or just growing some tomatoes, join us here for an adventure in growing a rainbow of living nutritional color, the food you eat!


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  1. Today was such an exciting day for the book! We got drawings back from our new illustrator, Tracey Fedor, and they are great! It was one of the last big pieces of the huge puzzle of putting a book together. Nothing can stop us now. Really, nothing could ever stop Mel and I but we are getting really close to proving that as our first addition is nigh.

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